Monday, July 28, 2008

The Weekend

It was a busy weekend on the farm. Our niece Hannah stayed with us. On Saturday morning, Hannah and I went blueberry picking at Blueberry Haven.
Maggie is checking if the hay is ready to bale.
While waiting for the hay to dry, I caught a frog on a lily pad in our garden pond.
Part of the hay crew. Notice the "Samurai Sweatbands" we are sporting (Jenny, Mike, and Hannah). Zachary says the Sorensons are legendary sweaters. I think he is jealous.

As of Monday afternoon, we baled about 2,000 bales from 35 acres. We have about 25 acres left.


Jamie said...

Oh I definitely inherited the Sorenson sweat gland! lol. Kind of a pain in the ass sometimes!!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

We have about 20 acres of hay left to do for the next few days, how about you coming up and exercise that sweat gland? I'll make you a sweatband! ;-)