Sunday, November 9, 2008

Farm Update

On Friday we had the last of our corn harvested. It was about 80 acres worth, with about 170 bushels per acre.
We also got our official first snow this past week. I think it hung around for a hour or so before it melted. On the farm lately, the priorities have been getting the farm ready for winter, like servicing equipment and maintaining buildings. The cows are getting shaggy with the change in weather. We've had a few calves born in past two weeks and it is funny it seems like they are born with thicker coats and are "born ready" for the cold weather.

And it was Zachary's Birthday on the 5th. Happy Birthday Z!


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

With snow on its way you'll be needing all that maize!!!We don't get snow here just lots of rain in winter and I hate it. Great photos I love the colours awesome. Nature seems to know when to prepare the babies for winter. You'll be kept busy with all the equipment maintenance. Happy birthday to Zachary!!! Hope you spoilt him rotten. Take care

Kyfarmlife said...

Happy Birthday Zachary!
Its getting down to 26 degrees here tonight! brrrr I hate the winter. I've noticed our cattle getting shaggy already too....hope its not a sign thats its going to be a harsh winter! Did I mention I hate winter?