Friday, March 27, 2009

3 Sheep + 1 Goat = More Chores?

Meet Ricky, Fred and Sammy. After finding an irresistible ad on Craigslist, we have 4 new critter additions to our farm. Zachary and I want to try spinning and knitting, and the sheep are great wool producers. Ricky, the all-white one, is a Border Leicester. Fred, the brown and white one, is a Icelandic/Shetland cross. Sammy, the young black one, is a Southdown/Corriedale/Merino cross. They all are boys that been castrated and are very woolly. Ricky and Fred are 2 years, and Sammy is 6 months old. They came named. Once it warms up and dries out, we'll get them sheared.
Buy three sheep, get free goat! His name is Tippy. Our free-range goat that lives with the heifers and steers and thinks she is a cow, has a fellow goat on the farm again.

Zachary is worried our farm will turn into a petting zoo. Ever since we stopped milking cows almost a month ago, I have been lobbying for more animals. Craigslist is very dangerous when a woman misses her milk cows. At least the sheep are somewhat useful with the wool. I am not sure if I can talk him into Mini Donkeys... :-)


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hope you have Really Good fences.LOL Maybe I'll be reading a story from you about..Ovines. I think you've just joined the ranks of the Mad Bush Farm Crew. All you need now is your own personal supervisor Chicken and you'll be completely initiated. Tippy is cute. I like goats..sheep well wethers are okay I suppose. Rams are a different matter they live up to their names...ram you in the back. Yes I once lived on a sheep farm for a short time when I was young and had no brains. Nah you need the Madbushitis bug..get more mad animals..LOL by the way the sheep are nice little guys better than the two we had here..growl..

Zachary and Jennifer said...

I figured you would have something to say about the sheep, because of your personal experiences with them... :-) I am sure these sheep will teach me a thing or two.
Yes, we are working on the chickens too... maybe in a few days. Maybe we can have a farm like yours one day!


Christy said...

Cute sheep! I can't wait to get my sheep, should be next weekend.

Wilmoth Farms Rachel & Her Farmer said...

Awww how lucky! I've been told no with the sheep and donkeys! Bummer!
I hope you'll post about your spinning adventures when you shear the sheep!

SenaMena said...

I want to see your goat!!! Bring him in work for show and tell!!!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

That will be nice to have a fellow newbie sheep owner for support.

Rachel (Ky),
I am sure there will be spinning adventures AND misadventures... :-P Keep lobbying for more critters for the farm. Nos can turn into yeses. :-)

Rachel (Work),
I think Ken would notice the bellering from under my desk... We'll just tell him my computer is talking to me again. :-)