Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finding Garden and Sheep

This morning I decided the veggie garden needed some attention. Yes, there are rows somewhere in there.
Fired up the old trusty tiller.
What's this? Looks like a food plot. After tilling, my sister in law Karen helped me hand weed around the rows. We have some lettuce and spinach ready for cutting. The strawberries are bearing fruit too.
Excuse the poor photography, camera issues... The sheep have made it to the pasture. This afternoon we mended the fence, again and brought out the sheep, again. We have done this two other times and they managed to find ways out of the pasture. As of this post, they have been out there for 5 hours and haven't escaped. (knock on wood...) 
After sheep wrangling, we went down to the river with Jordan for some fishing and swimming with Maggie.


Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Looks like its pretty green where you are too, have you been getting a lot of rain this season? I hope it keeps up for crops throughout the summer tho!

Christy said...

Your garden looked like mine before you tilled. Clearly I need a tiller. I'm trying to get mine under control by hand! It isn't going so well.