Sunday, December 20, 2009


Last night for dinner I made Tuna Croquettes. This is another Alton Brown recipe that we love to put together. There is something about his show, Good Eats, that makes you want to try foods outside your normal routine. Neither of us ate much tuna before, but after discovering this one, we realize it can be tasty too. The nice thing about this recipe it is doesn't taste "tuna-y" and it is easy to make.
This last batch I made, after starting to assemble the mix, I realized I was short a few ingredients. It sounded so good, I decided to forge ahead. The onions I dropped as I had none. My lemon I had was bad, so that was out too. I didn't want the croquettes to be flat in the flavor, so I added a few chopped leaves from the lemon balm plant. And, don't cringe, but I also sprinkled in a dash of lemonade mix, to boost the lemon flavor. (Sorry Mr. Brown!)
To my relief, they still turned out delicious.


Julie said...

Way to be brave and improvise! I have a chicken croquette recipe that is similar - I'll have to try it with tuna next!

ques2008 said...

I stumbled upon your blog and would love to have the recipe for your tuna croquettes. I make it a point to buy tinned tuna frequently.
Keep up the work on your blog - interesting thoughts you've shared so far.
I too have a blog on blogger and wordpress. My food blog is at - if you care to boogey over.
Merry Christmas. If it's not asking too much would love that recipe. Thank you!