Sunday, June 13, 2010

More than just Candy

Zachary and I stopped at one of our favorite places to go in Appleton recently, Wilmar Chocolates. We discovered this place about a year and half ago while frequenting the game store, Chimera Hobby Shop, a few blocks away. We used to swing by the chocolate shop if we were near, but it is getting to the point we make the trip just for the treats. The sweet creations that come out of this place puts Hershey and Mars to shame, even Ghirardelli. This last visit netted us French Mints, Peanut Butter Squares, and Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels with Sea Salt. I think our stash lasted about a day, they are irresistible. Zach isn't a dark chocolate person, but I am and I wanted to try the twist with the sea salt. Wow, chocolate and salt really do go together. It really brings out the full flavor of the dark chocolate. I never thought chocolate could bring me to my knees in sweet bliss.

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