Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Day at the Faire

Saturday Zachary and I went to the Renaissance Faire in Bristol, near the Wisconsin/Illinois border.
I had my hair braided. I think I was twelve the last time my hair was in braids.
Here is Moonie during his show. One of the funniest "Mimes" you'll ever see.
Through happy coincidence, we spent most of the time at the Faire with Zachary's sister and husband, Kristanna and Bob. Zachary happened to call his mom during the car ride south and found out that Kristanna and Bob were also planning on attending the Faire. So we met up later and had a nice afternoon together. Kristanna is posing with her Henna Tattoo artist after she was done. She had a pregnant fairy done, since she is pregnant herself.
Our knight in the purple outfit battling for honor during the "Joust to the Death" event. Our knight won in the end. He represented our corner of the stands.
Kristanna and Bob, happy parents-to-be.

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