Monday, August 31, 2009

Faire and More

This past weekend we went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. A yearly tradition we love to fulfill. We had some time to kill before the gates opened. We saw the largest Space Marine we had ever seen.
We took in a tour at the Jelly Belly facility in Kenosha. Saw some jelly bean art.
My parents were along, enjoying the ride on the Jelly Belly train ride through the warehouse.
The weather was great at the Faire. The temperature was in the high sixties and sunny, a lot better than the typical August heat.
Waiting for the glass blowing demonstration.
One of our favorite parts of the Faire is the food. Sooooo good... The artichoke is very delicious.
There are a few rides, but the neat part is that they are all human powered.
While waiting for the jousting event to start, we had a dragonfly visit us. He landed on my hand, my Mom's hand, and my Dad's hand, before taking a long rest on my Dad's hat. He sat there for about 15 minutes.

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Julie said...

oh goodness... I think that artichoke alone made the trip worth it! :)