Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walks With Maggie

The past few weeks Zachary and I have been going for walks. It forces us to get out of the house and get a little exercise. But actually, they are quite enjoyable. We are always looking forward to the next one. Maggie loves them as well. She loves investigating scents, especially when we are in the woods and she can be off leash and run the trails. Maggie is in her senior years, but she is a young spirit on our journeys.
Queen Anne's Lace in full bloom along the road sides.
Maggie is usually several yards ahead of us in the woods.
Leashed, for her own good, on the road.
Surveying the alfalfa field for turkeys, deer, and/or other critters.
Purple Loosestrife, a pretty, but invasive species, blooming in the swamp.
That same alfalfa field, cut later in the week.
Clover blossoms.
This is our favorite tree in the woods. It is a large Maple that stands alone in the forest. Even when I was younger, there was always a natural clearing around this tree. It is an odd sight, but a beautiful one.
Years ago, before my parents own the woods, someone tried to cut into the tree. The scar remains, but the tree continues to thrive. There is something enchanting about that tree.
Maggie and Zachary take a breath.


Jamie said...

Is that third crop? Think you'll get a 4th before winter?? lol. That's prolly pushing it, depending on the weather... If you ever need someone to drive tractor, lemme know! I always liked field work, despite having to use the 886 on the haybine... lol.

Mad Bush Farm said...

Hey Jennifer!

It's taken me forever to get back to normal and start visiting all the blogs again. Loved the photos. Maggie is a great dog. We have Simon now and the kids and I are just loving him so much.

Just looking at your chickens I think you have a little rooster there in amongst your pullets there. Evil roostery things..LOL
Hey hope you and Zac are well and enjoying your summertime. We're almost at the end of winter finally hints of spring are around here in New Zealand.

Take care
Love and hugs to you