Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Chickens

This afternoon I decided to let the chickens out of their yard. I have been waiting for them to grow bigger and bond as a flock. Their sad little chicken faces got to me while I was feeding them in their yard. When I went to shut the gate behind me, they were all lined up at the door, wanting all that fresh green on the other side of the fence instead of their dry, dusty feed. I gave in. Since then, they have been excitedly scratching in the garden and foraging in the grass. We'll still tuck them away at night in the coop, to keep them safe from night predators.


Julie said...

Yep - they definitely look quite chipper! :)

Mad Bush Farm said...

Well don't they look happy! Spoiled pickies they are. Are you sure you're not getting a dose of Mad Bush Farmitis? You farm is starting to look like mine! LOL

Hope you and Zac are well.


Zach said...

Wow, you have chickens. At the farm that I interned at this past summer, I had chicken. And though I live in the city, I know for a fact that I will get at least one chicken in the spring...How do your chickens survive in the winter? Can you post your response on my blog, as that I probably will not return to this particular post... Thanks