Monday, October 19, 2009


When we picked up paint on Friday for our remodeling project, we weren't sure when we would start painting. After cracking open one of the cans Friday afternoon out of curiosity, we didn't stop painting until Sunday evening. It was a tiresome weekend, but we are thrilled to make some colorful progress on our project.
Here is Zachary on the kitchen beams, doing the ceiling trim. He is the brave one.
Queequeg was amused by us the whole time, wondering why her humans were doing such silly things.
This is the dining room. The color is called Golden Fleece.
This a view from the kitchen, looking towards the dining area and bathroom door.
Kitchen. This color is called True Penny.
Bathroom. Smokey Topaz is the color. This room was easy, we just had to paint the top half. The bottom will have wainscoting.
With this painting project, we had our primer tinted, just a shade or two lighter than our final color. We just had to go over the walls twice, once with primer and once with the final. We never did that before. We'll be doing that for all future projects, it worked out great.


Julie said...

what nice, warm shades!

Cheryl said...

It looks GREAT!! :-)

Amanda said...


Kevin said...

Wow...looks great!

Christy said...

I love the colors! Our house is all white here. I may paint it someday.

The Barn Wife said...

Oh it looks wonderful! Amazing what some paint will do. Looks like a home. Now if I could just get some walls TO paint!

Mad Bush Farm said...

Haven't you guys been industrious! Better than me.LOL Great colours Jennifer you and Zac have worked so hard. Loved all the pictures from your trip too and the water wheel. Where's mine..Great to see you two are really enjoying the farm.

Hugs and love

PS Maggie has decided she will hoard her eggs yet again.

Zach said...

very nice. We did the same thing at my house. just tinted the primer, and it made life so easy!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Thanks for compliments!