Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feats of Strength

The leaves are rapidly changing color and falling around the farm. We've had our first freeze.
In the past week, Zachary and I completed chicken coop #3. I don't know how we managed it, but we were able to load the beast just the two of us into the pick up. This one was delivered to Cedarburg, about 100 miles away. I guess Craigslist unites people from all distances. Due to a last minute schedule change at his work, Zachary wasn't able deliver it with me. I asked my parents come along and help with the delivery instead. Thankfully they could and I didn't have to make the trip alone. Some lucky urban chickens in Cedarburg just got a new home. :-)
Next up... a pigeon coop. This one is going to a local family, one that already purchased a chicken coop from us about a month ago.
And then maybe, we can get back to that kitchen project of ours...

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Julie said...

super woman! Looks fantastic! (and Craig's List rocks our faces off!)