Friday, November 13, 2009

i had it coming i guess

Me: "Queequeg, wake up and look at me, I want to take your picture."


Me: "Queequeg, look at the camera."


Me: "Good Quee." Takes picture.

(approaches to pet her)

Me: "Ouch! You bit me!"


Christy said...

LOL! You did have it coming.

Michelle said...

That happens. lol

Mad Bush Farm said...

Clearly Queequeg is innocent of all sweet and innocent. I am so certain you would not be attacked by such a sweet feline as Queequeg is...ouch!!!! LOL

Aww sorry you got the sharp end of the deal. I got clawed by Sasquatch the other day - I can share the pain with you.

Oh and that bouncing sheep met her maker yesterday. They caught her finally and sent along with some others know where.

abby jenkins said...

She looks pissed....
Cats certainly don't take any nonsense!