Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Good the Bad and the Unbearable

Recently Jenny and I (yes Zachary is actually making a post) watched 3 movies in a relatively short period of time. What makes this event worthy of posting is the categories these movies fall into. I love movies, always have and always will, and these 3 movies fit neatly into the 3 categories in which i place all films. We shall begin as all good things do in the middle.

Craving a movie (and tasty tasty pizza) we ventured out to the local video store. That's right you heard me we are not Netflix users, we go to The Video Galaxy . The Video Galaxy is a house of evil and temptation they lure you in with overpriced rentals and unreasonable late fees. Then when you open the door there plan unfolds, clear to see, yet none are strong enough to do anything about it. For this non-franchised video store is attached to a non-franchised pizza parlor..., but not only attached there is interior access between them. They vent the smell of heavenly pseudo Italian deliciousness straight into the video store. Do not tell me it is a coincidence, they are owned by the same evil genius. Determined to leave with only a rental, we proceeded to wait while the pizza we swore not to order baked. While waiting we decided upon Pandorum.

Pandorum is a bad movie folks, and I loved it. Yes I love bad movies: corny, predictable, poorly acted and low budget, I love them all. My only regret is forcing such obviously terrible movies on my poor wife who regrettably does not share my horrible affliction. Ill say no more about Pandorum accept if you like bad movies its for you.

Movie number 2 was a afternoon at the theater which is sad because movie number 2 was The Book of Eli. I cant get enough of post apocalyptic wastelands, or so i thought. I have no clue what causes a bad movie to become unbearable. Is the acting just too bad? Is it not bad enough? Whatever the cause this movie is terrible.

Third times the charm? Yes indeed! For the sake of continuity we will be ignoring the fact that movie 3 was seen before movie 2. GO SEE Moon RIGHT NOW! I will skip hyperbole in favor of saying that Moon is everything I love in a serious movie. What are those things? I guess you will just have to find out for yourself.


Zach said...

You descriptions of you terrible habits are just too funny! I must say, your wife and I probab;y share the same tastes in movies. But I am glad you like the 3rd choice...Even if it was watched before the 2nd. =)

Jamie said...

I thought Moon was amazing. I liked how they had only like 5 cast members. That's tough to pull off.