Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The bare patches are appearing, releasing that old familiar smell signaling that spring will come again. That earthy aroma always shocks me out of my winter stupor and for me, gets me thinking about the lush green possibilities ahead. During this time, I grow increasingly intolerant to the snow and cold and long for daylight and open windows. I start scouring the seed catalogs, dreaming of a well kept garden. This year, I promise :-) Research new and beloved places for Zachary and I to explore this summer. I know it will snow several more times and the temperatures will dip again, but I am ready when you are Spring.

ps. Winter, I haven't stopped loving you, I still cherish you and all you bring. It's just when I get that whiff of Spring, I lose my focus and long for the warmer days that you can't provide. I will return to you this Fall, ready and eager for the white stillness and the serene beauty you create. The walks through the woods we share, the frosty artistry you make for me... I know you will understand. It's not you, it's me.

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Julie said...

Fun post! As I was walking to our car the other morning, with the sun out (early!) and the birds twittering, I finally felt like was spring was almost here!