Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Fire

My friend Kate and I recently spent an afternoon at The Fire. It is a pottery, mosaic, and glass fusing art studio in downtown Appleton. I wish I had discovered this place earlier because this place is pretty great. When we got there, it was packed with people working on projects and we had to wait for a work space, but which was good, as we took the whole time just trying to decide what to make. We decided to make mosaic pieces.
I made a tea candle holder. I figured it can double regular candle stand too.
Kate made an airplane themed welcome sign. After we were done gluing our glass tiles down, the studio sent us home with baggies of grout mix to grout our pieces after the glue sets. After I grout mine, I'll put up a picture of the final product. I think our next visit we'll try a pottery project. Queequeg needs a food dish. :-)

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Julie said...

We've heard of The Fire, but never actually made it in! I think we'll be checking it out in the near future! Thanks!