Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Chickens

These light filled evenings and warm temperatures have led to the start of yard work. Things are turning green!
The flower bed and pond in the front of the house needs some attention.
Good thing I have deployed my 8 chicken helpers, ready to scratch and peck.
We have started to let them out to free range around the property a couple hours nearly every day when we are at home, usually in the evenings. We have some problem neighbor dogs that I don't trust around our chickens, so the chickens are on limited, supervised runs for the time being. They don't like it, but tough, I like them safe.

They love moving dead debris from the new plant shoots.

I hope their techniques weren't too aggressive for my daffodils and tulips.


Joe and Christy said...

happy spring!

Julie said...

What fantastically useful gardening chickens! Justin and I would always dream of owning a goat that would keep our lawn trimmed...

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Lovely picks of the chickens! I FINALLY got my flock! several chicks! My coop should be finished the end of the week, we are housing them in a small coop for now, and I cant wait for the big permanent one to be completed! Nice to be back in bloggerville again too! Missed your blog!