Friday, September 24, 2010


Everyday is Caturday at our house, but especially so yesterday. Zachary and I are taking in his sister's 2 cats. Turns out little Landon is sensitive to the cats and it is best if they found a new home for Tiger and Tigger.

Little Landon.

So that is where we come in. We met up last night to pick up the cats. We've talked about adding another pet to the household, but always worried about Queequeg's reaction. Pitiful as it sounds, our little world revolves around her. :-) We decided to give these 2 pretty cats a chance and see how they fit with us and Queequeg. We aren't worried about Maggie, she gets along with everyone. We aren't crazy about their names, so we are currently brainstorming for new ones.

This is Tigger, the girl kitty.
This is Tiger, the brother of Tigger. Both are very large compared to Quee and he is even bigger than Tigger.

We have them set up in their own private room for now, to get used to the smells and sounds of our house. I can tell they are stressed from the 4 hour move north and are a bit suspicious of us. We plan to be patient with them and hopefully in a few days they will start to warm up to us.

After we can establish friendly terms with them, then phase 2 will begin, the introduction of Quee. Currently she knows there is something interesting behind a closed door we frequent. She is currently behaving herself nicely and acting normal, but her real test isn't for a while.

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Julie said...

This is quite the development! I hope everything goes smoothly with the introductions between the T's and Quee! I'm not even going to tell Justin about your two new kitties, or he will really start asking for a new one! :)