Saturday, September 25, 2010


Woo hoo! We got to pet one of the new cats last night, Tigger. Zachary won her over with ear scratches and she was very affectionate. She is still skittish and has a lot of adjusting to do yet, but we are thrilled she is starting to warm up to us.
This morning I continued interacting with Tigger. Tiger, the male, even let me get a few head scratches in. I got a hiss and a purr from him this morning, so that is an improvement from yesterday when it was all hisses. But I don't want to rush him, he is a bit intimidating. I like keeping my fingers intact. :-)

So far he has been spending most of his time laying in the open pet carrier. Tigger has a spot near a chair she likes to lay, but she is starting to wander the room more than he does.

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