Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cleaning and Planting

Well the past weekend was a productive one.
Our front garden and pond got some needed attention, removing old growth and leaves. Our lily pads made it through the winter in our pond.
Our pond after spring cleaning.

Cropland was worked all weekend and we planted about 24 acres of field corn today. More planned for the week ahead.

We started planting our vegetable garden.
Roma Tomato seedlings for the garden.
Garden Plot
Unfinished future site for lettuce and broccoli.

In the past week, we had four new additions to the milking herd. Their names are Romulus, Remus, Boca, and Rachel. More on our cow naming conventions at a later date... :-)


Jamie said...

Romulus and Remus? What, no Ferengi? lol.

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Hehe, no. We were going for the story of the founders of Rome, that were raised by a wolf.

Jamie said...

ohhhh, lol, I was WAY off!