Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A time to grow

Spring has sprung on the farm, crop-wise. My Dad this week begun working the fields, preparing them for spring planting. It is a wet spring and it has slowed us down to getting on the fields. As some of you know, my parents still manage and own the crop land on the farm, and we purchase crops from my parents for feed for our livestock. We help them out with the crop work as well.

In the last couple days, Zachary and I took some time and got onto the water. We went to my parents’ house on the lake and went canoeing and sailing. Zachary got my Dad’s old sailboat working again and made three successful voyages so far. I skipped the maiden voyage and watched from shore, I didn’t want to risk going into the water as Zachary was remembering how to sail from his boyhood days. Luckily he stayed dry and coaxed me into the boat. Zachary sort of regrets selling the Hobie Cat catamaran we had two years ago and never actually sailed (it was a brief courtship, but that was too much boat for us), but we have some new pipe dreams, thanks to Check out the Chesapeake and Shearwater Kayaks, and the Pocketship Sailboat. Those builds may fill our spare time (and workshop) in the winter for several winters to come...

Zachary's Maiden Voyage
Sunset Sail
Sunset Canoe


Lisa said...

Love your Blog. I will checking it, so hope to see and read more.

Bob said...

Great idea, look forward to continuing news.