Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Weekend, part two

Saturday evening paddle.
Monday: Our friend Kate joins us for a lazy river float down the Little Wolf River near Big Falls. We should have paid more attention to the word "falls"... Here is Zachary.
This tranquil bend is where Zachary believes he was hearing more than the wind in the trees...
Here is Kate shooting out the first set of rapids we encountered.
Another set of rapids. We thought these would be the last, but it was a testing ground for what was around another bend. The fact we weren't able to capture the final set of rapids was a testament to their speed and how unexpected they were. This river that was on average 150ft wide was funneled into a chute slide carved into rock about 20ft wide, that dropped about 15ft over of the course of the last set of rapids. Kate was a little better equipped in her 9.5 ft kayak, than in our flat bottom lake canoe. We almost tipped a few times, and got wet, but it was a blast! It was an unexpected surprise that ignited a desire for some more challenging paddling in the future.
Later that day, in wind averaging 18 mph, gusting to 30 mph, Zachary decided it was a great day to sail... This picture is of his second attempt. His first outing left him wet and his boat upside down. After I saw him turtle in the water, I jumped onto the paddleboat for assistance. By the time I got out there, he had the boat upright and was towing it back to the dock along the shoreline. He didn't want to end the day like that, so he put the old girl back together and went back out there. It was cut short after a block broke loose from the boom, causing another near capsizing. Fortunately, Zachary was able to drop the sail quickly and row back to shore. Don't worry, Zachary is not discouraged, there will be many more capsizings to come. :-)

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