Monday, October 20, 2008

A few crops in

Over the weekend we finished harvesting our fourth cutting of hay. This time we made haylege from the crop. 4th crop is typically the last cutting of the season for us.

We also had our soybeans harvested. We don't have are own combine, so we had a local do it for us. The same guy will also combine our remaining corn in a few weeks, when the corn is dry enough.


Red Clover said...

I think that harvesting at that magnitude must be one of the satisfying experiences of the human soul. The satisfaction must be immense. It must be a lot of work, but is that how you feel?

Kyfarmlife said...

How beautiful! I've been trying to leave a comment every since you posted but google eing typical and not letting me! grrrrr. your so lucky to get a 4th cutting, the drought here really hurt us! How many acres do you do in hay? Our soybeans are still just too green,ut we got some done, still have several more acres to do and then to sow wheat before the rain coming in on Wed....hopefully it will get done