Saturday, October 4, 2008

Three More

When we got home from our day trip to the World Dairy Expo Friday afternoon, we had three new mothers with calves waiting for us. This is a bull from our top cow Winfred.
This is another bull calf, from Roberts. Roberts is from a group of nine cows we named after the US Supreme Court justices.
A heifer calf from Betty. If she is anything like her mother, she will be a very sassy bovine.
Saturday it was back to work on our corn silage. We finished the last silage bag today, and Monday we plan on filling the silo.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Jennifer. You have been busy. That Dairy expo looked really interesting. Just love you new calves. Question. Do you guys run you cows with the bulls or do you A.I. and thanks for the comment on the drawing I did.

Take care
PS Good luck getting that silo filled up!

Zachary and Jennifer said...


We use both. We usually have a bull on the farm for catching the cows we miss on heats. So currently, our bull is running with our heifer group, but we are using AI on our milking herd. Within a few weeks, we'll move him with our milking herd for "clean up" on any open cows that never settled using AI.
We always buy our bull off the farm, to keep our genetics diverse in our herd. And using AI helps with that as well.

I hope that answers you question, I tend to ramble at times. :-)


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

No you haven't rambled same system as used here usually its a beef bull for the tail enders but a lot of nz farmers are now using dairy bulls to increase the replacements.

ta Liz