Saturday, October 4, 2008

World Dairy Expo

On Friday, we went to the World Dairy Expo in Madison. It is a trade show for the dairy industry. Most of the show is geared for large dairy operations, but we always manage to find a few things we can apply to our own farm. Above is a show arena, where people from all over the world bring their cattle to be judged. There are also several buildings full of exhibitors showing off their products.
Here are some cows on their way to be judged. Show cows are very pampered. They even get their nails polished.
These are Normande calves. If cuteness was the only prerequisite for adding a breed to our herd, then Normandes would be on the top of our list.


Jamie said...

I don't recall getting a visit....

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Sorry...we just had no time to swing by for a visit, between the chores and driving. The ladies are too demanding. Maybe next time.