Sunday, January 11, 2009

Before the Freeze

Today is one of the last warm days before the cold moves in.
The cows are enjoying the mild 20 degree weather. They like wandering out to the pasture and relaxing in the snow. It will be interesting later this week keeping the water flowing and the tractors running during the cold. Zachary will have his hands full on the farm.
A walk to the pasture always draws a crowd when I have a camera. Dawn and Patch come to the fence for a visit.
A Kristanna nose. I love the water droplets hanging on her nose.
I forgot who's nose this was, sorry cow lady.
A Rachel nose.


Christy said...

It is amazing how much animals love cameras! The chickens always stick their beaks up into the camera lens.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Loads of snow there Jennifer. Love the noses!!!! Great to see the drywall has gone up in your kitchen as well. I'm just reading Christy's comment my chickens try to pick the camera and the cows try to lick it!!! Hope the tractors do keep working and the waterpipes don't give too much trouble. I've got two years of deferred farm work to catch up on mutter...

Take care

Red Clover said...

I hear you about "the cold moving in". Today was a frigid one against the Rocky Mountains and though I'll humor January, February better melt up quite a bit.

Crazy Chicken Lady said...

I grew up on a dairy farm with Holsteins and Brown Swiss cows. Now I miss those old gals! I love the photo's.