Sunday, January 18, 2009

Need More Dice

This past weekend we found a great independent game shop in Appleton. After being on a Risk binge lately, we wanted to find another game to gather around. We were looking for Axis and Allies, the regular version, but they were sold out. So we settled with a spin-off game from the series: Axis and Allies Miniatures. It plays different from the original and usually plays faster as well.
The game is surprisingly addicting and our nephews are getting in on the game play as well. We have a couple booster sets now and have a nice collection. We'll be back at that game store again soon. There is a great chocolate shop a couple blocks away which makes the trip even more sweeter. :-) It is hard to pick a new game based off the box on the shelf. Anyone have any favorites for suggestions? Any type.


Amanda said...

Settlers of Catan
Memoir 44
Alhambra (spelling?)

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Oh that looks like fun!!!! Warhammer is another game that's great. I have loads of figures here and one day I'll build a big diarama to put them all on. Love the new Header too cool.


Zachary and Jennifer said...

Thanks guys!

PitBullLadyDesigns said...

I've been drooling over some cool games produced by