Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday I found an optimistic Day Lilly up against the house where the snow had melted. It was inspiring to see a tender green shoot up against the brown decay.
Then we woke up to this. Maybe another day, Day Lilly. It's only February.


Christy said...

Man, that sucks! We have flowers here already. I'm so glad I'm in the south! Now, come summer, let's see if I have the same attitude.

Stephanie said...

That first picture is so familiar. I have many in my yard that look like that. :)

Conversely, we should have snow on the ground right now, but a week of fifty degrees+ weather has left us thinking Spring!

But it snows 'til the first couple of weeks in May, so....

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Yeah, this time of the year always toys with the emotions, with the temperature fluctuations. I enjoy winter a lot, but once we get that 50 degree day, its all over. Those spring snow storms are heart breakers... Think Spring!

Thanks for stopping by!

Julie said...

Hooray! I just found some daffodils and day lilies poking out this morning, and it made me feel glad and hopeful! I am determined to protect those little shoots with my life - any potential snow showers better watch out if they come close to our neck of the woods! :)