Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sick Day

Queequeg gave us a scare on Friday. While getting ready for work, I saw her laying on the edge of the landing on the second floor, looking very out of it. Typically when I am getting ready for work, she is following me around, being the inquisitive cat she is. I knew something was up. She was cold, moving slowly, and depressed. I told Zachary and he took her to vet that morning. The vet told him that she had to stay at the clinic for the day for testing. After work I stopped by the vet office to pick her up and hear the results. The vet said all her tests were normal, but she was dehydrated. If she didn't improve over the weekend, bring her back on Monday. They weren't sure why she fell ill. When I went in the back of the office to get her out of her pen, she was angry. She had a rough day, being poked and probed. She hissed at the vet assistant, but she calmed down when she saw me. She hates riding in the car, but I think she was glad to be out of the clinic. When we got home, she went straight for the food dish. Now its Sunday, and our normal inquisitive cat is back.


Christy said...

I'm glad she's better! It's scary when our pets get sick.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

You didn't need that Jennifer. Glad to hear pussy cat is okay now. Great photos too. Love the day lily coming up through the dead growth. Spring isn't far away. Yes I guess you and Zacchary will be rethinking the farm budgets with everything going the way it is. My neighbour has just laid off two of his farm workers. Really sad but he has to cut back costs. My Mum isn't well which is why I haven't been on blogger much plus the farm has needed a lot of sorting out and there's only me to do it. I need a slave.LOL!

Take care

Stephanie said...

I'm glad she's okay again!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Yeah she is back to her old antics again, dominating us and the dog... :-)

Never figured out what caused her go fall so sick, but we glad she is herself again.