Friday, January 1, 2010


Okay, I admit it, we are officially WoWers. Late last summer we decided to try the free trial to the World of Warcraft. Zachary is a seasoned gamer and I am not, but we are still able to have fun together. For a gaming rookie like me, I am surprised how much I enjoy the game. (Although being a healer in a dungeon can get quite taxing!)

After months of slowly leveling our Paladin and Druid, we hit level 80 yesterday. I know, ringing in the New Year with Warcraft may sound lame, but we aren't drinkers and party animals. :-)

Don't we make a cute couple?


Amanda said...

A beautiful couple! Congrats on 80!!

Zach said...

OMG, I would never imagine you guys as such. You and my brother would get along just great. Congrats on the level 80! GO WOW!