Monday, January 4, 2010


Saturday we went to our friends, Kate and Jim's, for food and fun. I was looking forward to visiting all week, knowing that Kate would be making her wonderful stuffed mushrooms. They are large portabella caps stuffed with a sausage mix, topped with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. We also had ravioli, garlic bread, and ice cream cake.

After dinner entertainment led to Monopoly. I usually never win at this game and it started bad as usual for me in the beginning. Stuck in jail, not landing on property to buy, etc... But after a while I found myself flush with money, since I wasn't buying much property and I hit free parking a time or two. I had nothing to spend it on. Zachary was definitely the property leader in the group, making an property alliance with Jim. Made a couple trades with Zachary, some swaps and free rent agreements with Kate and suddenly I was back in the game. After Jim folded, Kate hit some of Zachary's properties and then she was out. It was just me and the Z. I offered to call it a draw, but it was agreed I had the upper hand. :-) We are surprised Mickey and Stanley, the cats, didn't run off with the board pieces. They did eye them longingly though.

Speaking of cats... our furry friend on Sunday delayed our errand running on Sunday with mandatory ear scratches. Zachary was lounging on the bed and Queequeg parked on his stomach. As much we wanted to go out in the bitter cold, we let Quee get her fill of scratches.

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Mad Bush Farm said...

Well haven't you been having loads of fun there! I'll be over for dinner.LOL Hope the weather has been treating you guys kindly as best as winter can go I guess. Meantime we're getting scorched here.

Hope you guys are well.

Happy New Year and here's to a great 2010

Hugs Liz