Wednesday, January 20, 2010

nothing much lately

I always have good intentions with this blog. I am always planning to make posts more often, but either I forget about it for a few days or I think I have nothing too interesting to share. Maybe I'll work on that this year, be more "post-full".
Both Zachary and I have been working a lot this month. Zachary has been putting in extra hours at his job and helping out at other locations. I have been buried with projects at my job and with my freelance gig. In between working, we've continued with our hobby of WoW in our free time. Through the game, we've been able to reconnect with Zachary's old friend Ben, and his wife Amanda. They have been super helpful to us with the game. They even invited us to join their guild. It is fun to know some real people in the game too.
Been itching to get outside and do some sort of outdoor activity together, whether it be a hike or ski, but these last few weeks, our schedules haven't lined up during the daylight. Hopefully soon.
I guess when the crowning achievement of the week is getting the laundry and dishes done, things are pretty vanilla around here. Well, that is okay too sometimes. Vanilla is my favorite flavor of ice cream. :-)

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