Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3 Gallons

I hit the 3 gallon milestone today! In blood donation, that is. I have been a regular donor for a few years now with the Community Blood Center, one pint at a time every 2 months. The neat thing about the Community Blood Center is all the blood they collect in the area communities goes back to the people who are in need in the same communities, through the network of hospitals they serve in Wisconsin. Every two months when the mobile unit shows up in town, I give blood on my lunch break during work. I am not squeamish about blood and needles, and I am healthy, so I figure it is an easy way to help others. If myself or a loved one would fall sick or get injured, I would want that blood supply to be there.

I encourage you all to donate if you are healthy and able. It is pretty painless and quick. The blood takers at blood drives are professionals and constantly monitor you in case you are feeling faint during the donation process. Heck, do it for the juice and cookies after the donation. :-)

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