Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Most of the family made it to Easter dinner at my parents house on Sunday. With Zachary and I childless, we tend to stick with the kids table and continue to refuse to believe we will be 30 in a couple years... The kids are more entertaining than the adults anyway :-P
After a delicious filling meal, the gang retreated outside and picked up where we left off at Thanksgiving, Cornhole Championship II. Jordan had to defend his title. This time, it is outdoors. No more arena league. The gusty winds added another degree of difficulty.
There were often too many men on the field.
Many comments from the peanut gallery.
Intense concentration.
Good form.
Musical interludes.
Celebration and defeat.

Jordan started off strong, defeating everyone. But then Zachary challenged him again and schooled him soundly. He is the one to beat for next time.

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