Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shiny Things

We recently made two purchases for our enduring kitchen project, one planned, one not so much. We had an old refrigerator, about as old as I am. Not one of those frost-free ones, so every couple months, we had to chip and thaw the ice build-up in the freezer compartment. Recently one Saturday, I just got back from grocery shopping and I was putting items away. I noticed the ice build-up in the freezer was getting pretty bad, so I decided to chip the ice pieces out with a butter knife. I was impatient, not using a pan on hot water to loosen the build-up. Prying on one particular stubborn hunk, my knife suddenly slipped forward, puncturing the freezer wall. Oh, crap. Instantly, coolant/refrigerant liquid sprayed all over my face. My lucky shot happen to hit one of the lines behind the freezer wall. Within a day, the bottom refrigerator part stopped keeping the food cool.
So we took my dorm refrigerator out of storage and kept our essentials in there and put the rest in the chest freezer in the basement in the meantime.
The unplanned purchase. Our plan was to replace our old fridge after the kitchen was complete, since it was still functioning well. But things don't always go as planned. The flooring will have to wait a little more longer. Don't get me wrong, I love this thing. Uses like a quarter of the energy, but has 10 cubic feet more space than our old one. Plus we are really enjoying the filtered water and ice feature too. And the business we bought it through properly recycled our old one and we will get an energy star rebate for getting a new one.
The planned purchase. A Kitchen Sink! It fits wonderfully in the cabinet we built for it. And we got it for a great price online at and survived the shipping unscathed. We have a few steps we need to complete before we hook it up, like securing the cabinet carcass down to the wall and floor, pouring that section of concrete counter top around the sink, and then plumb the water supplies to it. In the meantime, we just like looking at it, daydreaming of the day we are doing dishes there instead of a bathroom sink. :-)

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Julie said...

Seriously gorgeous fridge and sink! We love our new french door fridge - it was a splurge, but we're so happy we did!