Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fireworks at the Lakes

Yesterday Zach and I spent the evening at my parents' house on the lake to enjoy food and fireworks. Zachary, inspired by our recent sail, assembled my Dad's small sailboat to examine the rigging. If the holiday boat traffic on the lakes wasn't so busy, he would have been out on the water.
Besides some family and neighbors at the house, our friends Kate and Jim joined us too. Kate was determined to catch something, and she did. That would almost make a fish stick. She did later catch a nice sized bluegill and sunfish.
There is an annual tradition of a pontoon parade on the lakes. It is usually about a dozen decorated boats filled with beer-fueled cross dressing men, like above.
I was pleasantly surprised with 2 floats this year. They get an A for effort and creativity in my book. Diver pulling a duck behind.
A BP oil spill themed entry. That is supposed to be an oil slick behind the boat.
The Cloverleaf Lakes Association put on great fireworks show this year. It's funded by donations from the residents and its always a nice show.
As usual, I was playing with my camera during the fireworks. Got some interesting effects with the long exposure.

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Kevin said...

Those are excellent pictures of the fireworks!! Well Done!!