Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Midnight Run: SC2

On a whim last night, Zachary and I headed to the 24 hour Walmart at midnight to pick up Star Craft 2. Zach has been eagerly waiting for this game for years. We got to the store about 15 minutes to 12 and headed to the electronics department. The store was pretty dead, but a few pacing anxious males where milling about the department. Not surprisingly, I was the only female around. At 12 sharp, they sold us the game and we headed home. We started the installation process and while waiting, watched an episode of Wipeout on the DVR. Meanwhile my alertness was fading and I fell asleep before the game could be played. And I also missed which contestant won Wipeout. :-( Zach’s zeal kept him awake and he got to play it a bit before heading to bed. He says it’s great. I’ll try it this evening when I am more awake.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Too funny! I can picture the scene in WalMart in my head!
And we love Wipeout! I can't figure out how we never get sick of it!