Monday, July 12, 2010


It was one of those weekends were the weather changed hourly from sunshine to storms in a matter of minutes and back to sunshine again. Besides getting another wave of game boards complete, we managed to make it to the Iola Old Car Show. As soon as we got the gates of the car show, a storm blew in and down poured, sending us and the other show goers to the nearest dry refuge. Within minutes, the storm passed and we headed out looking for food and cars.
Model T.
Beer battered deep fried cheese curds. Mmmm... Pair this with a chocolate shake and life is good.
Zach was determined to find some wind this weekend. Zach and I went for a sail Friday evening with mild success. Light winds and clear skies. Sunday had promise of stronger winds, with a chance of rain. The wind got him launched on Sunday, but once he was away from the dock, he lost his wind.
And the rain followed him back to shore.

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