Sunday, September 21, 2008

Corn Silage

The last couple days, Zachary and my Dad have been opening up all the corn fields, harvesting the headlands. Headlands are the perimeter rows of a field. It is good way to judge field conditions in each field. After Saturday afternoon, we determined the corn needs a few more days to dry before continuing the corn silage harvest.
A field with headlands removed.
One of the 200ft silo bags we put up. We intend on filling another when we start again, and then fill our upright silo.

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Kerri said...

Hello! I'm finally getting around to returning your visit. How nice to see a working dairy farm! We sold our dairy herd in 2000 and my husband misses his girls :)
Our corn isn't ready to harvest yet. Won't be long though.
Nice to see the little ones :) Looking after them was one of my jobs.
I have lots of tomatoes to can and a second batch of store bought peaches as well. Making jellies and jams too. It's a busy time!