Saturday, September 13, 2008

Farm Update

A couple days ago we had our barn whitewashed on the inside. We have that done once a year in the fall after the peak of the fly season in done. It is like getting the walls and ceiling painted, but the paint is actually a lime and water mixture that is applied by spraying. It's economical and holds up better than a paint would in a barn environment.

Our milking herd is smaller than what we usually milk. It makes for a quick milking time. The ones that are not milking are in their dry period. We give our cows a 2-3 month vacation from being milked before they have their calf. Think of it as a reverse maternity leave, where they can relax during late pregnancy, because after they have their calf, it is back to "work" for them. Generally we like to spread out our pregnancies, so our milking herd size does not fluctuate as drastic (it's about 40% down currently), but they decided to be all fruitful at once. We are expecting a lot of births between October and December.

Zachary and my Dad have been making wood for the winter ahead. We have a wood burning furnace in our house that we use as secondary heat source and my Dad has woods with trails to be cleared.

Next week we are planning on starting our corn harvest, beginning with making corn silage.

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