Monday, September 15, 2008

Wet Weekend

With rain falling mostly all weekend, Zachary and I stayed indoors. We did some more demolition in the kitchen Saturday and made good headway. I'll post some new pictures soon.

The tomatoes keep coming. We had two large containers sitting in the garage waiting for us on Sunday. With this batch, I decided to attempt to can diced tomatoes. It did not go well as planned... I was having a difficult time blanching the tomatoes. It is the process of dipping whole tomatoes in hot boiling water and then dipping them in cold water to loosen the skins for easy peeling. I am not sure what the deal was, but the skins were loose in some areas and very attached in others. The longer they are in hot water, the more mushy the tomatoes got; and the shorter they are in hot water, the skins are more difficult to remove. Perhaps my water wasn't hot enough, cold water not cold enough, uneven ripeness in the tomatoes...? Zachary was on dicing duty and he had an interesting time chopping them up. In the end, we had a lot of unnecessary waste, but what we did end up with, turned out great. We should have ended up with a lot more final product, but oh well. There is always the next picking to try again...
There is nothing better than eating something that you grew yourself.

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Kyfarmlife said...

I tried my hand at corn this year, first time doing anything like that...I'm a newbie! I decided to feeze rather than can...much better I think. Was gonna try the whole salsa and canned tomato thing, but after 2 weeks of doing corn and greenbeans and nothing else, wore me plum out!