Sunday, May 30, 2010

Evening Float

Zach and I have been busy lately, between our jobs and the massive game board project, there hasn't been room for much else. Saturday we took advantage of the great weather and a free evening to get reaquainted with the Embarrass River. Saturday afternoon, I loaded up the kayaks on the car and then I went to pick up Zach at work to head straight to the Cty XX bridge.
Zach preparing his vessel.
We got in the water about 4:45. It was our 1st evening river trip. The other times we had gone it was either in the morning or mid-day. The river was shaded about half of the time, which was nice. Sunny mid-day paddles sometimes leave you feeling like a cooked turkey.

We would paddle for a while and then drift like leaves, soaking in the wildlife and scenery. No fishing poles this time, need to get fishing licenses. We did see plenty of fish activity though. I had something large jump right beside my boat. I am glad I didn't tip over from being startled. I tried to get pictures of the 2 juvenile bald eagles we followed down the river, but they were always out of range.

Our camera is a Stylus Tough. We got it last year after damaging yet another camera. It has been a great camera so far, it has survived many drops, mostly from my clumsiness. It has a waterproof function, but I never had the courage to put it in the water. Electronics and water don't mix, right? I was commenting to Zach how hard it was to get a shot of the water and not just get glare. He said, well just put in the water. After stating my reservations, I took the plunge and took a picture. Sorta murky, but the boat was drifting too fast at the moment. A picture, nonetheless.

I took one more before pulling it out of the water, a strange watery self portrait, from a fish's perspective. The camera still works today, so I guess we'll be playing with that feature more in the future.

After landing on my parents river property, we dragged our boats out of the woods. It was about 3 hour trip all together. I hope we have many more trips like these this summer.

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Julie said...

How fun - this weather has been perfect to be out on the water. Love the self portrait too!