Saturday, May 1, 2010

Not "board" in the shop

These things again. Zachary and I have been preparing for the possibility of a very large project in the near future. The business I do freelance graphics for asked me (and Zach) to quote out building Cornhole board game sets for a customer. Many of them. Zachary is a talented carpenter and I am a semi-talented carpenter's helper. So in the past two weeks we have built 2 sets, as a demo for the customer. We have modified our design drastically, to make the game boards much lighter and to streamline costs in materials. We will find out next week if we are a go in production, making as many as 65 game boards by the end of the month. It will basically keep us busy all month, working on them when we aren't at our own jobs. We are looking forward to the project, the extra income will be nice for our remodeling project in the house.

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