Monday, May 17, 2010


We had the shearer come out on Saturday to shear our sheep. The shearer and his family raise over a 100 sheep on their farm. So he is a very experienced shearer. As he was shearing, he was trying to talk me into getting ewes and raising lambs. Tempting as that is, until I can master keeping these Houdini sheep inside their pasture, I will wait on that adventure.

Sammy, the black one, was first.
Ricky and Fred watch as they wait their turn.
Several pounds lighter and ready for summer.

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Mad Bush Farm said...

Looks like certain ovine friends of yours are getting their spring haircuts.. Sheep you every love em or ya hate em...I have a freezer full of Lamb at the moment.. nice and yummy. Heck here I'm so used to people I know having several hundred to several thousand sheep. And yes I know what you mean about Houdini sheep. Friends of mine run about 20 on their small farm in the end they resorted to 5 wire electric fencing and 6 joule mains unit. Gallgher fencing systems recommend an M600 mains electric fence unit for sheep and bulls. Yes...we have one that keeps coming onto our place...grrr and it lifts up the fences!

Happy Springtime Jennifer hope you guys are having loads of fun on the farm. Me I'm still bopping off mice.LOL