Monday, May 17, 2010


I finished getting the vegetable garden in this past weekend. My experiment with square foot gardening is under way now. The large dirt square is my normal veggie garden space. This year, all our plants reside in the 3 4 foot square boxes and the raised bed beside them. I may put in a row of sunflowers on the edge for the birds enjoyment, but the rest will be seeded down and returned to lawn.

It's not how my Grandma taught me to garden, but she would have probably gotten a kick out of this nonsense.
Maggie resting between plantings.
I also planted a lot of annuals around the yard too.

The first of the Irises started to blossom around the pond.
Alliums too.

While picking asparagus, I was greeted with toads in the patch. I found an olive green one, but he was too camera shy.

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