Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Our little flock of chickens is amazing me. I figured with the move to our farm and their temporary home in an old corn crib would stress them out and they wouldn't be laying many eggs for a few days. We have collected 18 eggs from them since Saturday. We made 2 batches of cookies with our eggs so far and have plans for some deviled eggs soon. And it will be an excuse to make AB's Hollandaise Sauce more often. (drools...) I guess that is the Production in Production Red shining through. Hopefully we'll have their permanent home done in a few days and they'll have a much more comfortable chicken headquarters.


Christy said...

Chickens are amazing! I'm glad yours are laying well.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

How egg-citing..LOL! Yes you'll end up egged out to your eye balls. The hens look nicely coloured and very very healthy. Feed them minced garlic as well if you can it will help keep the worms at bay (get some wormer as well as a back up) Hows your woolly boys getting on?

Take care

SenaMena said...

You can share those goodies with your hungry co-workers!!! Hint, hint!!

denise said...

Wow- that is great!