Thursday, April 2, 2009


After hours of pouring over the seed catalogs, I finally ordered and received our selections of vegetable and flower seeds. This will take care most of our seed needs for my parents and ourselves. I started two seedling trays tonight and hopefully finish the rest in the coming days. I am excited about these seeds, as many of them are heirloom varieties and GMO free. We ordered from Baker Creek and Seed Savers Exchange.


Mad Bush Farm said...

Heirloom varieties are so much better than the commercial stuffand they taste nicer too. GMO here in New Zealand has been banned thank goodness. I'm going to be digging through some old recipe books and old farming stuff over the next few days to see what I can blog about where saving money is concerned. I'm waiting for River to calve she's taking her sweet time the vet reckons she's on the go slow ...I think she's just making me wait.LOL

denise said...

Woo hoo! I LOVE their seeds. I have a huge box full and have started many flats already. I'm itching to start the early spring outside stuff too, but snow is a coming!!! :)

Zachary and Jennifer said...

It feels good to continue the old and rare varieties in the garden. Lets hope they grow well this season.

Yeah, those snowflakes keep reappearing... I guess its only April, what can we expect? :-)

Red Clover said...

How exciting!!! I'm really trying to control myself with flower seeds...but seeing all of yours makes me want to go out and get more! (I need to get a few veggies.)