Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Imprompto Bowling

Zachary didn't have to work Monday night because things were slow and suddenly we had an open night together. What to do... Bowling! We gathered up our nephews, Jordan and Seth, and Jordan's girlfriend Tam and headed for the lanes. We played 3 games and I broke a 100 every time with a high of 147, so I still have my self-respect. Zachary did good too, but midway through, he started to try to perfect his throw with some sort of backspin so it would hook. The boys had to try that too. Jordan's performance went in the gutter (repeatedly) :-P and Seth's, well, he might be a natural. Check out the video.


Red Clover said...

That was great!!! Ha ha.

Jamie said...

Way to go, bro!

Mad Bush Farm said...

Oh that's so cool! I love bowling! Hope everything is going great for you guys. Say Hi to your Princess from her kiwi cousin the Terrorist.LOL

Take care

Zachary and Jennifer said...

Yeah he is a stud. :-)

Yeah, the Princess moved outside to a group pen this weekend. She'll have to get used to sharing the attention. :-) I am sure I post an update about her soon.