Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chicken Report

Friday afternoon, we picked up the other 4 chickens. They are about half the size as the 6 older ones. They have been getting along for the most part. As far as the Raccoons, we haven't seen any activity. We set up a electric fence around the parameter of the chicken yard and have the doors on the coop locking at night. We haven't let them out as free-rangers yet, as I want them to bond a bit as a flock and grow up a little more. The 6 older chickens have never been outside before, so they are learning to eat grasses and bugs. The 4 younger ones are pros already. They were raised free range and they want to be out in the world.
This is one the Barred Plymouth Rocks and one of the Silver Laced Wyandottes. At this point, I can tell the difference between the older ones, but that may change as they grow all their adult feathers. We couldn't keep track of our old flock. I hope I can in the future, then maybe we can name some of them.

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Christy said...

Pretty birds! We can tell most of ours apart.