Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Proper Pictures

Our replacement camera arrived today! We had a few weeks without being able to take a proper picture, just blurry cell phone pictures. To mark the occasion, I captured the first sunflower bloom of the summer.
Yes, more chicken pictures. :-) This time clearer.
One thing I have noticed with our new chickens is that 6 older ones are more friendly than our first flock. When we are in their yard, they like to follow closely. There even is one that sometimes tolerates petting.
She will probably end up with a name, as she is the only white chicken of the flock.


Stephanie said...

That sunflower is gorgeous!!

Julie said...

Having a functional camera is always a plus! Nice shots!

Jamie said...

The sunflower is a little hazey... I could totally doctor that up in photoshop. :)

Joe and Christy said...

nice pics! adolescent chickens are the cutest!